The school was inspected by OFSTED in May 2016. The summary findings of the report are as follows:


Marked improvements in quality of teaching learning and assessment

Leaders have raised the bar on expectations for pupils’ progress

Teachers focus raising achievement.

Leaders and teacher quickly identify underperformance and support pupils with targeted interventions

Careful attention paid to pupils’ needs so that activities are well matched

Questioning is well used by teachers

Effective questioning … enhances pupils’ enjoyment in their learning

Whole school focus upon improving pupils’ extended writing skills is evident

Teachers draw from strong knowledge .. to engage and inspire pupils


Governors closely monitor and challenge leaders.

Focus their sights on key aspects of school improvement

Highly aspirational for pupils’ performance and personal development


Outcomes at GCSE demonstrate strong progress from their starting points


Pupils’ behaviour is good

Marked improvement in attitudes to learning

Behaviour policy is well enforced and consistently applied

The calm and orderly manner with which pupils move between lessons and conduct themselves in social times reflects leaders’ high expectations


Attendance continues to improve


Teachers at all stages in their careers are well supported by the school’s professional development programme.

The school’s support for newly qualified and trainee teachers is a particular strength


The number of exclusions has fallen considerably

Dramatic fall in the number of exclusions since September 2014


The headteacher has led the school’s overall improvements tenaciously.

The headteacher has stabilised the school by creating opportunities for staff development but refusing to accept less than his and governors’ heightened standards.

Pupils and staff reflect the impact of leadership has had a markedly positive effect on the school.

Leaders rapidly identify potential underperformance

Leaders place pupils’ welfare before anything else

Leaders have taken robust action to improve outcomes

Middle Leaders

Middle leaders are clearly accountable for pupils’ performance

Pupils Tolerance/Nurturing Environment

Pupils display tolerance and respect for people from different backgrounds and they consider the diversity within the school strengthens their community

Sense of belonging .. makes the school welcoming to all

School uses the broader community to create a nurturing environment

Pupils ‘feel as if their opinions make a difference to the school’

Pupils respect one another and collaborate well in lessons

Pupils ‘feel supported to become more independent’

Pupil Premium/Catch-Up Funding

Is well used to drive the progress of these groups


Teachers set homework and expectations for its completion are uncompromising

Consequences of failing to meet expectations…are consistently applied


Pupils report rare instances of bullying which are dealt quickly and effectively by staff


Progress made by pupils was strong last year

Pupils’ outcomes are improving through actions taken in lessons and through extra-curricular support


The inspection team reached the following judgement: 

Overall Effectiveness


Leadership and Management


Quality of teaching, learning and assessment


Personal development, behaviour and welfare


Outcomes for pupils


16 - 19 study programmes

Requires improvement

The full report can be downloaded from the link below. 


OfSTED Parent View
Parents and careers are encouraged to visit the OFSTED parent view website to take part in 12 question survey about the school. 
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Pikuach report November 2018

The school was inspected in November 2018.  The report noted:

Overall Effectiveness - The quality of Jewish Learning provided in Kantor King Solomon is Good (Grade 2) because:

·         Social and cultural development is strong, diversity and difference are valued and celebrated, and the school is successful in creating a cohesive, inclusive community. Adults and students are very loyal and proud to be part of Kantor King Solomon. All feel respected and accepted

·         Achievement in Jewish education is good, especially taking into account the context of the school and that the majority of students are not of the Jewish faith. The new systems of tracking and recording that have been put in place show that most students make good progress

·         Teaching in religious education overall is good, and relationships are excellent. Teachers have high expectations, and plan and teach lessons that deepen students’ knowledge and understandin.

·         With consideration to the context of the school, its religious education curriculum has been thoughtfully planned and developed. It enables students to learn about, and celebrate major festivals and calendar events within the Jewish year, together with providing a good understanding of other faiths and cultures

·         A wide range of extra-curricular activities, including the Kehillah community development programme, enhances the Jewish curriculum. The school benefits from being fully included in the local community, and being part of the Kantor King Solomon Campus. 

·         The school is successful at meeting its aims, and enables students to take their place as valuable citizens in both the Jewish world and the wider community.


The inspection team reached the following judgement:

Overall effectiveness


Outcomes for pupils in their Jewish Education


Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Jewish Education


Effectiveness of Leadership, Management, and Governance of Jewish Education


Effectiveness of the Jewish Studies/Education Curriculum based on the school’s aims and objectives


Quality of provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, including meeting the statutory requirement for a daily act of collective worship (tefillah)


 The full report can be downloaded from the link below. 
Name Date  
HMI Monitoring Letter (April 2014) 04th Apr 2014 Download
HMI Monitoring Letter (December 2014) 03rd Dec 2014 Download
Inspection Dashboard 2016 25th Nov 2016 Download
LA School Review Report (November 2014) 11th Dec 2014 Download
OFSTED Inspection Report (May 2016) 13th Jun 2016 Download
Pikuach Inspection Report November 2018 28th Nov 2018 Download
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