Admissions to Year 7

Certificate of Religious Practice

Please bear in mind that the Certificate of Religious Practice is not of our choosing but is a legally binding imperative resulting from a decision made in the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, registering the CRP is putting a heavy burden on Synagogue administrators as they need staff and procedures in place to note student attendance in such a way as to be legally foolproof. Each Synagogue will be putting in place their own particular system. Would all parents please ensure that they are familiar with the procedure set out by their own Synagogue.

  • Some Synagogues have websites and the CRP procedure will be set out there.
  • Those Synagogues that haven't their own website will be posting their CRP procedures in a prominent public space in the Synagogue.
  • Some Synagogues will be placing a dedicated message on the Synagogue's telephone system.
  • If SIF 2 is not applicable to your faith please complete SIF 3.

It is the responsibility of parents to familiarise themselves with the procedure of their Synagogue and to follow it through. Should any parent encounter problems with registering or completing the CRP. please would they contact Mrs J Abrahams, the King Solomon admissions' secretary, and she will do what she can to help solve the problem.

Week 2

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