Ethos & Vision

Upon three things the world stands:

A love of learning; Torah

Spiritual and ethical development; Avodah

Acts of lovingkindness; Gemilut Chassadim

Pirkei Avot 1:2

We are a Jewish community school who warmly welcome those of other faiths and cultures.

We strive to:

Offer a stimulating and enriching Jewish and academic educational experience, designed to empower each student to realise her/his potential.

Nurture young citizens who want to make a better world.

Inspire our students to understand and appreciate faith and the empowering role it has in society.

Motivate young citizens to take the next step in their faith journey.

The Vision in the curriculum:

Love of Learning; Torah

All students will:

  • Learn and understand Jewish philosophy and ethical approaches to the world and their comparison to other faiths.
  • Gain an understanding of Jewish history and how it fits into the contemporary world.
  • Understand the history of the State of Israel and its importance to the Jewish people.
  • Gain an understanding of the place and importance of faith and culture in contemporary society.
  • Understand and respect other cultures and faiths and their place in the world.

Spiritual and Ethical Development; Avodah

All students will:

  • Understand the place of prayer and rituals in Judaism and other religions.
  • Prepare for university and life after school.
  • Use faith education as a background to their learning.
  • Learn about and understand Shabbat and festivals, kashrut, bar and bat mitzvah.

Acts of Kindness; Gemilut Chassadim

All students will:

  • Be encouraged to lead a life of charity and service to others.
  • Undertake volunteering and community service.
  • Engage in inter-faith dialogue.
  • Have an opportunity to take part in leadership training opportunities.
  • Understand the importance of good citizenship and equipped with the knowledge to make informed life choices.


The Vision in SMSC – spiritual, moral, social and cultural development:





At Kantor King Solomon we:

At Kantor King Solomon we:

At Kantor King Solomon we:

At Kantor King Solomon we:

Have a set of values and beliefs that inform our behaviour.

Can distinguish right from wrong.

Act responsibly in and outside school.

Appreciate our own religious or national culture and how it shapes our lives.

Have respect for ourselves and for others.

Are confident to act according to our beliefs.

Work well in a group, even if it is not with our friends.

Appreciate diversity and learn from and about others.

Have opportunities to reflect on big issues such as poverty, racism, sexism, greed and discrimination.

Feel empowered to express our views on ethical issues.

Reflect on our contribution to society.

Experience Jewish culture through school lessons, activities and programmes, which are open to all.

Appreciate truth, goodness, beauty and love.

Listen to others and respect their values.

Raise money for and donate money to charity.

Enjoy music, art and drama as an expression of important life values.

Recognise the holy in what we do and say and recognise holiness in others.


Give our time to help others.


Value our faith and respect the faiths of others.


Take on leadership roles in the community.



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