Examination Advice

Attending exams

  • The dates of examinations are set by the examining boards and not the school.
  • Students can only take the exams on the scheduled date.
  • Only under exceptional circumstances can students sit an exam on an alternative date and only if it has been authorised in advance and tends to be limited to where the student has multiple clashes of exams on the same day.
  • An alternative day will not be authorised due to a family holiday.

Arriving late to an exam

  • The school will attempt to contact a student's home if they fail to attend an exam at the scheduled time. 
  • If the student is able to get to school and start the exam within an hour of the official start time then they will be permitted to sit the exam and receive the full time.
  • There is no guarantee that students who arrive after an hour of the official start time will be allowed to sit an exam and should we choose to allow it, a full report is submitted to the examining board and they may reject the student's exam paper due to the risk of malpractice.

Failure to attend an exam due to sickness

  • If a student is unable to attend an exam due to sickness they must notify us at the earliest opportunity on the day.
  • An appointment to see a doctor must be made that day and a doctor's note handed in for the Exam Officer's attention as soon as possible.
  • Students who were absent for an exam with medical proof of illness will be awarded a grade based on other assessments/exam papers they have sat.
  • Students who were absent for an exam without medical proof of illness will not be awarded a grade.

Additional advice and guidance:

Examination Advice

The examination boards have issued some important regulations and guidance that all candidates should be aware of.

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Warning to Candidates

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