Boys Uniform

  • Navy blue blazer with badge
  • Shirt – tucked in.
  • School tie
  • Grey trousers
  • Standard black leather school shoes (not trainers)
  • Lanyard
  • School sweatshirts are only available from our school outfitters - no other sweatshirt or pullover is allowed
  • Kippah - blue suede kippot are available from school at a cost of £3.00.
  • No earrings or piercings allowed
  • No other jewellery rings or bracelets
  • No extreme haircuts

Boys Sports Equipment

  • Navy Blue PE shirt
  • Navy Blue shorts
  • Trainers
  • Football boots/jogging suits; when required by PE Dept.
  • School rugby shirt (to be worn in winter)


The kippah (plural kippot) is the Hebrew word for the skull cap, which is a key item of school uniform, for our male students.
Wearing a kippah is a constant reminder that there is always someone above us, seeing, watching and guiding our path through life and our daily activities. It is a symbol of respect and faith and an integral part of our identity as a Jewish school.

Week 2

SENCO: Mrs S Hamit
SENCO Email:
SENCO Telephone: 020 8498 1304

Contact: Mrs Rubery
Kantor King Solomon High School
Forest Road, ILFORD
T: 020 8498 1300
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