At King Solomon we believe the purpose of homework is:

a)      To provide students with practice in aspects of the curriculum by:

  I.            Consolidating and reinforcing skills and understanding.

 II.            Extending school learning, for example through additional reading.

III.            Enabling students to devote time to particular demands such as GCSE coursework or project

b)      To encourage students to develop the confidence and self-discipline to work on their own and to become independent learners (an essential skill for adult life)

c)      To foster a partnership between home and school by providing parents with an opportunity to share in their child's learning;

The amount of homework set varies in each year group:

·         Years 7 & 8 core subjects – 45 minutes per homework

·         Years 7 & 8 foundation subjects – 30 minutes per homework

·         Year 9 core subjects – 60 minutes per homework

·         Year 9 foundation subjects – 40 minutes per homework

·         Year 10 & 11 – 60 minutes per homework

·         Year 12 – 4 hours per homework

·         Year 13 – 5 hours per homework

Each student will be set homework regularly for each subject, and will be expected to hand this in a week later. Their subject teacher will supply them with details and students will write this information, and the required hand in date, in their diaries.

Parents are asked to discuss their child’s homework with them each evening, and support them in completing the work as soon as possible after it has been set. The school asks that parents remember that it is vital that students have a quiet space, away from distractions (siblings, mobile phones, tablet computers etc.) in which to do their homework.

Homework club: the library will be open for one hour after school every day (Monday to Thursday), for students of any year group who wish to study or to use the computer facilities for work only, and some year groups will be arranging additional support.

Should there be any circumstances that parents feel hinders their child from doing his/her homework to the highest standard, and on time, then they are asked please raise the issue with their child’s form tutor and the school will provide support wherever possible.

Yours faithfully,
Mr M K Redfern
Senior Teacher