Summer 2018 Written Exams Timetable

  • The Summer 2018 exams are scheduled to take place during May and June 2018
  • All year 11 and Year 13 students have exams.
  • Year 10's doing BTECs or language exams and Year 12's doing further maths will also be sitting exams in the Summer.
  • The Timetables below are for the official published date and time and for most students will be when they sit the exam.
  • Those students with clashes (those due to sit two or more exams at the same time) will sit exams at different times to those specified below (their individual candidate timetables will specify when they will sit clash exams once they have been created and printed).
  • Individual candidate timetables have been produced and includes the room and seat number the student will be allocated.  
  • Due to Shavuot on the 21st May, 'O' level Turkish and GCSE Engineering will take place the next day - the 22nd May. You are reminded that all candidates who should have been taking exams on the 2st May must remain isolated or risk disqualification.



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Week 2

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