Careers Education, Information, Advice & Guidance

Careers education, information, advice and guidance plays a major part in helping students prepare for their transition in to adult life. We aim to help students become more aware of their strengths, interest and the options available to them.

Our Goal

We aim to provide students with up to date and relevant careers education, information, advice and guidance at each transitional stage of their education. They will, therefore have access to unbiased and professional careers support and guidance.

Career advice meetings are available every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Students can access careers advice in the following ways:

  • One to one guidance meeting with the school’s Careers Adviser
  • Break and lunch time Drop-in Session
  • School Assemblies
  • Parents Information Evenings
  • Carers Events
  • Group Work

One to one guidance meetings: to arrange an individual careers meeting you can:

  • Pop to see your Careers Adviser during lunch times in the Careers office
  • Speak Mrs Jones in the school office
  • Speak to Form Tutor

Careers meeting will take place during school hours in the careers office (Room A110) situated in the corridor between the Maths and Technology departments.

Drop-In Clinics:

  • Drop-in clinics are available during g school lunch times

Parents Information Evenings

Your Careers Adviser will be available at these event to provide information, advice and guidance to you and your Parents/ Guardians.

Assemblies, Careers Events and Group Work

These will be organised for you by the school in conjunction with your Careers Adviser.

Careers Adviser Details:

Matilda Newman-Smart (Monday - Thursday)
Ernestine John (Thursday)

Telephone: 020 8198 1321

Delivery will be reviewed in January, April and September by the Careers Adviser and main contact at school.

SENCO: Mrs S Hamit
SENCO Email:
SENCO Telephone: 020 8498 1304

Contact: Mrs Rubery
Kantor King Solomon High School
Forest Road, ILFORD
T: 020 8498 1300
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