Inter-School Holocaust Seminar

Kantor King Solomon welcomed Beal, Oaks Park, Ilford County, Trinity, Valentines, Forest Academy, Wanstead and Woodford County schools in the Redbridge Borough today for an inter-school holocaust seminar. Guest speaker Lady Zahara Kohn, a holocaust survivor joined her daughter Hephzibah Rodofsky telling her story to a packed hall. The year 12 students were then given the opportunity to work with each other and create their own response to the holocaust and write statements expressing the legacy from the holocaust that they would like to take forward.

We spoke to some of our Year 12 students about the afternoon, here's what they thought:

HMD seminar pic 1

"I found the talk helpful and inspiring and I enjoyed working with other students afterwards as it was good to hear how others feel about it." Athina Ntriza


"It made the holocaust more real." Osaivbie Joseph-Osahon


 "I found it powerful and moving. I went and spoke to her afterwards and looked through her documents, the actual original ones. To touch them and realize this was her badge that she wore over 70yrs ago, I found it very chilling. She spoke really well and has a great memory."  Aimee Cohen

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