Year 12 Poland Trip

The best way to describe the trip to Poland is by quoting from those who took part....
‘We are but human beings and therefore cannot understand the workings of G-d, we can only continue to believe and look to the light despite the tragedy, the lives that were saved and the establishment of the State of Israel that helped preserve the Jewish people. We can only believe that darkness will always be defeated by the human spirit and the free will granted to us by G-d to make way for hope’.
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‘Learning, reading and watching information about the Holocaust, simply cannot prepare you to see it in the flesh. On the journey to Auschwitz I had to keep reminding myself of what we were about to see, and even on arrival my mind couldn’t process it. I will not go into detail about what we saw, but I will briefly talk about how it made me feel. I found it incomprehensible when listening to just one of the stories told, as even though there were millions murdered, each one has a name, face, family and history and were not pieces of nothing. I want to, and will be, grateful for everything and to cherish the surviving Jewish community that exists today. In spite of it all, it is a miracle that we have the ability to bear witness to what happened. We have the choice to live on’.
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‘After visiting Auschwitz myself, I can only describe my experience as surreal, I had so many conflicting emotions including anger, shock and devastation. One thing I now feel is guilt. Guilt for not being appreciative enough for what I have. I was able to walk out of a concentration camp where millions perished. I have the freedom to practice my own religion - a right which so many people were stripped of during the holocaust. I realise that I can never truly comprehend why or how a tragedy like this could have ever occurred because I didn’t want to believe humanity could be this cruel. I hope in time that education and raising awareness will ensure that nothing like the holocaust or any genocide occurs again’.
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