Israel Tour 2018

It's hard to believe what our students managed to see/visit/explore/learn during their trip. Some words below from a few of them and pictures to enjoy too. 

‘At the Kotel (Western wall), we met some Israeli soldiers. They were dancing; they asked us where we were from – we said England . They said come and dance with us – you are our friends.’
PHOTO-2018-07-12-16-34-58  israel 6
‘I stood at the Kotel next to my Muslim friend. We prayed together to one G-d. It was incredible’.
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‘I have been to Israel many times before, but nothing has been like this! It is just incredible’.
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‘In synagogue, I pray to G-d; here at the Kotel I felt I was praying WITH G-d’.
‘We visited the Israel guide dog centre for the blind. This centre is truly ‘state of the art’ and we could begin to understand life for those who are visually impaired. We saw the golden Labrador puppies (some very very young ones among them) and there were lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ at the sheer cuteness of these adorable puppies, who are trained to be ‘the eyes’ of their companions.
We also went to ‘Dialogue in the dark, which is an inspirational ‘all sense stimulating’ experience, offering a genuine insight into life as a visually impaired person. We heard incredible stories from their guide and felt grateful for our own ability to see the world in all its colours and shapes’.
PHOTO-2018-07-18-09-05-46 PHOTO-2018-07-18-09-05-49
‘We went to a chocolate factory! We rolled chocolate ganache into balls and filled chocolate baskets with even more chocolate – and of course we ate it’! 
‘We climbed Masada. Year 9s had the easier route, and it only took 11 minutes... We did however come to cheer and encourage the Year 10’s who climbed up the more difficult snake path!’ Team work was needed and we rose to this challenge; the reward was a breath-taking sunrise at the top. The members of our school prayed the morning service and the boys put on their tefillin – a magical and emotional experience both for those who took part and those who watched’!
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